Company profile is techonolgy service company providing support to it's customers to help them achieve accurate color in their printed production or in their web design and promotion.

Color Management is a science. Integrating that science with your creative works to produce the intended human response is an art.

We address both the science and the art of color.

The hallmarks of good color management are perdictability, consistency and color results of the highest quality.

Peggy Economos founded to offer color management services to customers that use printed output but also to Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies in the design of their websites and printed materials. She has more than 20 years in the real estate business and her husband Kirk has more than 15 years of color science expertise and decades of experience with color as it relates to human perception.

Contact information

You may contact us at the following email address and phone number:

    Sonoma, CA 95476

  • Office: (415) 929-9046

  • inquiries:

Manufacturer relationships

Strong relationships with the manufacturers mean we have experience and depth in working with their products. The following are some of those manufacturers:

  • Epson Professional

  • Eizo

  • Apple

  • NEC Professional Monitors

  • EFI Colorproof

  • Onyx Rip

  • Wasatch RIP

Who are our customers

Based on our nearly 15 years in the business, clients runs into the thousands.

We have supported all types of customers from individual photographers and fine artists, photo studios, commercial design companies, print production houses, to major government and corporate clients; as well as numerous Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies.